Class/Lab/Independent Study

Backing and execute shifting; Coupling and uncoupling; Hours of Service
Requirements; Trip Planning; perform en-route vehicle inspections; Defensive
Driving; read and interpret control Systems; Preventive Maintenance and Servicing;
Sliding Tandems and fifth Wheels; prepare for secretary of state cdl exam.

Yard Training

Vehicle Control Systems, Vehicle Inspections, Turns, Straight Line Backing,
Coupling and Uncoupling, Backing Maneuvers, Offset Lane Changes, Parallel

City and Highway Driving

Late Model Equipment, Gear Shifting Patterns; Left and Right Turns, Handling
Curves, Bridges and Overpasses, Entering & Exiting Expressways, Lane Changes,
Stops and Starts on Upgrades and Downgrades, Railroad Crossings, Intersections,
Traffic Control Devices.